Jyväskylä’s Naissaari

Naissaari is a small island located at the district of Kanavuori in Jyväskylä. The island combines nature and cultural history in a beautiful setting. More than one hundred year old buildings and the park-like area next to the surge of Vaajakoski rapids create a wonderful scenery.

There has been a catering cafeteria located in one of the old wooden houses since 1991, which offers a variety of home-made cakes and pastries, but also has a dinner menu.

An interior decoration and design company called Puttipaja is located in an old workshop and has a shop called Wanha Paja there.

At the western side of the island an old hydroelectric power plant called Wanha Woimala stems the rapids of Vaajakoski. The power plant that has been deactivated long ago now holds art galleries and is used to host parties and meetings.

There is also a summer theater at the island and at the eastern side past the river you can find a beach and a small frisbee golf course. A short walking distance away from the island you can follow the guided trail and climb at the top of the Kanavuori mountain.

Group travel organizers should contact areas companies. Naissaari is a great place to visit throughout the year.

Naissaari can be easily accessed with a car from the route 9 from Jyväskylä and also by walking across the blockade from Vaajakoski.